Hi… I’m Bob Davies

I’m a self-employed programmer & stock photographer from Manchester, United Kingdom.

My current ‘big project’ is http://www.picNiche.com, working to identify in-demand stock photography topics and help improve the submission process for microstock photographers. I also shoot my own stock photos and at time of posting, have a portfolio of just over 1000 images available on various agencies.

I have various smaller projects, which I won’t describe exhaustively here, maybe I’ll post about some of them, or you could google ‘bobbigmac’ to find a few of them.

Over the last 5 years or so, I’ve written several short stories, mainly science-fiction, and I’m planning an attempt into writing professionally eventually, though I’m a realist about where my strengths lie, and for now at least, that’s in the design & build of good quality software.

Subsequently, I like to have a lot of different hobbies, as and when the desire takes hold, to create, to learn, and hopefully to improve some aspect of my skillset every day.

The purpose of this blog is somewhat fuzzy:

To rant and rave, to ponder, to play
To hold up my hands and be happy to say
Here’s something…
I don’t yet know.

Thanks for visiting :)

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