Unresolved… Freedom in the New Year

by bobbigmac

New Year always seems like a strange celebration; simply an arbitrary (and slightly inaccurate) measure of the Earth having circled the sun again, yet many people feel compelled to assess their standing in life, their path, their achievements and goals.

During this year I’ve been pretty well blessed with fantastic freedoms in the use of my time, in my goal-setting and with the ability to drive my own life. There is however, still much to accomplish in my business, and ways to continue the growth in my personal life.

As much I enjoy a good list-making exercise, and the self-satisfaction which comes with knocking items off it as they’re completed, I’ve decided this year to avoid the firm rules of a set of resolutions, and instead just to be content to say: I don’t know what I’m going to achieve this year.


I could fish up some statistics on how many people actually stick to their resolutions, and highlight the post-january blues commonly seen in white-collar workplaces as resolutions slip and slide, and people are imbued with a failure-sense, however valid or otherwise.

Though I’m not going to do that, because I know for every failure there’s a success… for every dropped goal, there’s an unintentional gain, even if it’s just a simple lesson for life or recognition of some aspect of one’s own character.

So this year, don’t resolve simply to resolve, embrace the uncertainty in life and be prepared to learn something more about yourself and the others around you…

Simply, resolve to remain unresolved.

Happy New Year :)

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