Welcome to another new blog

by bobbigmac

I’ve had a few personal blogs before, and to be honest, I never really embraced the format. I always started out with the good intentions to keep it upto date, to keep it relevant, useful, entertaining and individual.

Then a few weeks later, I’d forget to post on the day I’d set out to, end up one post behind ‘the plan’, then two, three, and so on. Or I’d spend only a few minutes to put out a half-hearted post, only to delete it when I read it the next day.

This was due to a few reasons:

  • I didn’t read many blogs (apart from technical articles) so hadn’t grasped how to write them, or what to write about.
  • I never understood why people would spend their time reading lifespam, thus why spend time writing it.
  • Doing anything on a ‘regular schedule’ has always been somewhat hit-and-miss for me.
  • My intentions were good, but they weren’t really ‘for me’, I was trying to blog about things I thought people might want to read rather than things I ‘wanted to write’.

So why start another one?

Since I left my ‘corporate’ job in April last year to start my own business, I’ve been able to spend time discovering the ways I like to live my life.

At first glance it’s been a tough 18 months, working round the clock, stretching to make ends meet… but, I’ve had balance, for the first time in my life I’ve been able to freely decide for myself, what time to get up, when to eat, how much and which work to do, how much play to indulge in, how much and when of almost everything.

As a result, I spend more of each and every day creating than I ever did before. I’ve worked to improve my programming and design skills, my problem solving and analytical abilities, photography, illustration, drawing, painting, writing, guitar and piano playing, even papercraft, plasticene, electronics and others, all in small breaks spread throughout the day.

I now see that life isn’t about work-eat-sleep, it’s about much more than that. Life is about LIFE. So to encourage myself to continue to indulge in my own creativity, I’ll be creating posts highlighting the sometimes-mundane, and the sometimes inspiring.

So you see, I’m making this blog not for you, the reader… but for me, and while I can aim to make the posts inspiring, informative and entertaining to others… this time around, with this blog: I make no promises.

Welcome :)

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